About Us

The journey of Nazir Steels started way back in early 1980s when our chairman Mian Muhammad Saeed laid foundation of a steel manufacturing facility in Lahore with a vision to provide quality steel bars in the region. Initially the products were manufactured and supplied under the brand name of "NAZIR SONS STEEL", which were of premium quality and made huge impact in steel industry from its very beginning.
Later in 2006 NAZIR STEEL MILLS introduced a new Brand having the Registered Trademark of "KOH-E-NOOR STEEL" for its Grade-40 and Grade-60 deformed steel bars.

Mission Statment

To lead the steel industry by producing and providing high Quality Steel Products and create enduring value for customers and stakeholders in core manufacturing and service business, through world-class operating standards, state-of-the-art technology, quality, safety and the positive attitude of our employees.

Our Vision

To make a positive contribution to society by producing and supplying steel products that are manufactured considering ethical practices, employee benefit, customer satisfaction, safety, quality and better environment.

Chairman’s Message

Nazir Steel and Koh-e-Noor Steel need no formal introduction being one of the premiers in steel manufacturing industry. We have been contributing in the Steel industry and Economy of Pakistan from more than last three decades. As per our ideology we have been efficiently and routinely providing our customers with the highest quality steel products whenever and wherever they require it and at the most competitive prices. 
We consider honesty as our main strength, be it our business, dealings, transactions or any other aspect of life, honesty is what gives it a longevity. We aim to align our business activities with ethical...